Partner Packet (PIP)

Having worked with the Business Improvement District (BID) for close to five years now, I know the importance of communicating the benefits of partnering with countywide marketing efforts to lodging properties and all other businesses that serve visitors to the County.

There have been dozens of businesses who have joined us in our marketing efforts, and there are many more we’d love to get on board. As a result, the Visit Mendocino County (VMC) team decided to develop a “partner information packet,” or PIP.

The purpose of the PIP is to inform you — our partners — of the history of the BID, including how VMC was formed. It also provides information regarding our programs, initiatives, and operations—anything and everything you would want to know about our countywide marketing efforts. Most importantly, however, it presents you with opportunities to partner with us, enabling you to use VMC as a resource as much as possible.

VMC‘s efforts are not nearly as effective without your partnership. Everything we do is 100% inclusive in nature —from the stories we tell, to the information we share —you are ALL a part of that story. Since the start of the campaign, we have been requesting that you share with us your stories, your backgrounds, and your specials and packages. Many of you have responded positively.

We need to showcase ourselves, our surroundings, and most importantly, our exceptional hospitality. In these economic times, we need to work together to offer a truly unique and memorable experience for our visitors.

Please call our office today at 707-964-9010 to schedule your PIP appointment! The information reviewed at the meeting should provide you with what you need to gain knowledge of who VMC is and what we do.  There are many ways to partner with us and to get as much out of your relationship with us as possible.  It is a pleasure to meet with you and I look forward to what the future brings. We hope you will take advantage of our marketing efforts in order to maximize your own success. We are here to help you out in any way we can!


Scott Schneider, President/CEO
Visit Mendocino County, Inc

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